Chick-fil-A Calories


Chicken Sandwich 440 kcal
meal 870-1,070 kcal
Deluxe Chicken Sandwich 500 kcal
meal 930-1,130 kcal
Spicy Chicken Sandwich 490 kcal
meal 890-1,080 kcal
Spicy Deluxe Chicken Sandwich 570 kcal
meal 970-1,160 kcal
Classic Chicken Nuggets 8-ct 270 kcal
12-ct 400 kcal
8-ct meal 660-860 kcal
12-ct meal 800-1,000 kcal
Grilled Chicken Nuggets 8-ct 140 kcal
12-ct 200 kcal
8-ct meal 530-730 kcal
12-ct meal 600-800 kcal
Chick-n-Strips 3-ct 360 kcal
4-ct 470 kcal
3-ct meal 750-950 kcal
4-ct meal 870-1,070 kcal
Grilled Chicken Sandwich 320 kcal
meal 720-920 kcal
Grilled Chicken Club Sandwich 440 kcal
meal 840-1,040 kcal
Chicken Salad Sandwich 500 kcal
meal 900-1,100 kcal


Grilled Market Salad 200-340 kcal
Asian Salad 330-430 kcal
Cobb Salad 430-510 kcal


Cookie Sundae 400 kcal
Icedream Cone small 170 kcal
large 260 kcal
Icedream Cup small 290 kcal
large 360 kcal
Milkshakes small 500-570 kcal
large 650-750 kcal
Mini Sundae 170 kcal
Chocolate Chunk Cookie single 330 kcal

Last updated in July 2014. The data was obtained from the restaurant chain’s website.

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