Chick-fil-A App Review

The Chick-fil-a app is focused on providing information to consumers and is especially detailed when it comes to menu items, nutrition information, and allergy information. I was impressed by the detail in these areas.

At first I thought that you had to sign up for a Chick-fil-a account through the app and fill in a lot of time consuming information. It wasn’t until I’d tapped on “create an account” and scrolled to the bottom of the next page that I saw where you could sign in with Facebook.

I appreciated the option to search for the nearest Chick-fil-a. I don’t have a Chick-fil-a close by, but by searching through the app I discovered a restaurant close to my brother’s house. Now I know I can stop by next time I am in town to visit him. Or when I am traveling on the road, I can always find the nearest restaurant if I want a Chick-fil-a fix.

On the app, I watched a video on catering through Chick-fil-a. I didn’t realize you could cater through Chick-fil-a (or very many fast food restaurants) and was actually interested to see what the video had to say. But the video was more of a short commercial showing how much fun catering through Chick-fil-a could create, and unfortunately didn’t give any information about the costs or features of catering. It reminded me of a Super Bowl add. The commercial was flashy and fun and interesting, but didn’t really answer any of my questions (unfortunately).

Chick-fil-a has a detailed food tab with a summary of the item and just about every imaginable detail and available nutritional information that you would want to know. I found this information to be very compact and easy to read. I really appreciated having this information all on one small screen.

Chick-fil-a also has an extensive food allergens tab. My niece has extensive food allergies and is rarely able to eat out. But through the Chick-fil-a app, I was able to filter foods by her allergies to see if there were any foods she could potentially eat. The app gave me a list of items that did not contain dairy, wheat, or tree nuts, and offered me six items (including two kid’s meals) that would be safe for her to eat. By far the best and easiest way to gather allergy information! I was so excited to find this filter on an app! Now I know without a shadow of a doubt the foods that she can eat, and I can feel good in knowing that what I am feeding her is safe.

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