Wendy’s App Review

To me, the Wendy’s app seemed less like an app and more like a compacted website. There are buttons across the top that you can use to toggle between pages and each page offers a different service, like learning about menu items, leaving feedback, or visiting your favorites page.

I loved the feel of this app because it really is like a self-contained website. The first page is all about the company and is more of an advertisement than anything. By clicking across the buttons at the top of the page, you can jump from page to page. For me, this was very convenient. I am not the most tech savvy person (I will admit), so having an app that felt like a website made me feel comfortable and at home.

But the question is, if your app feels like a website, why have a website? You don’t need two of the same thing. I wonder if the app creators were trying to make a more user friendly app (which they definitely succeeded in). But in the process they may have lost the entire point of having a company app.

Clicking on the menu option gives me a picture of my chosen sandwich and the sandwich’s calorie count. I can make the sandwich a combo or customize it with one single click. But I have to select a location that offers mobile ordering before I can add items to my bag. This isn’t too much of a hassle because if I am serious about ordering food, I would have already chosen the location where I want to pick my food up from.

When I click on the “info” button, the app gives me the sandwich’s allergens, ingredients, and nutrition for each item. I loved how this was all self-contained. It was all in one screen with simple, step-by-step instructions to find and locate. I thought this was very clever and easy to navigate and find the information that I wanted.

Accounts are easily created and can be logged in with either Facebook or Google. With a created account I could log in to use mobile pay. There is a favorites page which will keep track of items I have favorited or liked as well as my most frequently ordered items. This is a clever page because it offers me my favorite types of sandwiches in a faster time frame. Now I don’t have to remember the names of something I previously ordered. The app does it for me, which is convenient and saves me time.

The search locator button allows me to search for nearby stores, which is convenient if I am out of town and having a Wendy’s craving. I found this easy to use and never had any issues searching for or finding a store. There’s a general feedback button to give instant “cheers, jeers, and suggestions.” I like this idea. It makes the company seem easily accessible and makes it seem like my feedback matters.

The Wendy’s app didn’t really feel like an app to me, but I liked it just the same (perhaps more, because, like a webpage, it was easy to navigate). I really loved how an item’s picture, description, ordering information, customization, and nutrition information was all in one easy to access location. That is a huge bonus for me! I also loved the look and style of this app and thought it kept with the integrity of the company’s vision.

I do wonder whose Wendy’s target audience is, though. Because this app did not seem like it was geared toward young people (twenty-something or younger). While I really appreciated this app, I wonder if a younger person might find it a little bit old fashioned.

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