Sonic App Review

The Sonic app was a little more difficult to install because at first all I was pulling up were apps for Sonic the Hedgehog. So make sure to search for Sonic Drive-In and you will be on your way to delicious slushy drinks and happy hour prices!

Sonic requires you to sign up to get rewards like free foods and discounts, but the app did allow me to preview it as a guest, which was a nice feature. Signing up is easy using a Facebook account. You can’t pay or send or receive gifts unless you are logged in.

The locator button would not allow me to search (as a guest). I had to enable Location Services from my phone’s settings. This was disturbing to me. I don’t have a local Sonic, but I love their food, so I am always interested in finding the closest drive-in when I am traveling. I suppose if I was that serious about finding their restaurant I would sign in, but I don’t care for the extra steps and wish the search option were simpler.

On the menu page, I could click to see nutrition information. Again, I didn’t like the fact that this was an additional step. However, in the nutritional page, it allowed me to search through the nutrition information based on whether my sandwich had mustard, mayonnaise, or ketchup. I thought that was a very clever little extra and I appreciated that the designers had taken the time to offer me that information.

At times I felt the app ran a little slow, as if it were searching for the information. It sometimes hesitated and I would get frustrated with the wait. I tried to open the page “about Sonic Drive-In” but never could get that page to load. I just kept getting a blinking red circle. Perhaps if I had been logged in the system would have run a little smoother for me.

I found the Share App an interesting option. I’m not sure I would ever share the app on Facebook or Twitter, but as a marketing play I thought this was smart. Why not let other users share the app through their social media sites and hopefully garner more downloads? Genius!

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