Taco Bell App Review

The Taco Bell app is fresh, hip, and geared toward their target market audience of young people. It is full of fun pictures and colors that are full of energy and imitate their audience’s crazy lifestyle.

This makes total sense for an app. If you are creating an extension of your company’s brand, it is very important that the app is agreeable to that same customer base. Creating something that has no connection with you target market audience makes no sense.

The Taco Bell app is super easy to install. I registered with my Facebook account, which only took me a quick few clicks. That is a super convenient way to register. The app won’t allow Taco Bell to post to my Facebook account and can only see my public profile, email address, and birthday.

However, I found the app itself much more difficult to navigate through than the super easy setup process. The screen scrolled up and down instead of left to right, which originally confused me. The main screen is split into two columns and I didn’t enjoy the experience of trying to swipe between each column.

After moving into a new screen, I wanted to get back to a previous screen to play a game and couldn’t figure out how to get out of the menu screen. Everything I swiped just kept giving me more menu options. It also seemed to take a while for things to load and the pages took time to refresh, especially when I tried to navigate backwards to a previous page.

Once I registered, I was immediately given a free offer of 25% off any order. This is a decent amount off, which I liked, but it expires in three days and I’m not sure that I will use it in time. As it is the only offer that I received, I’m not too enticed to buy anything else at Taco Bell.

I did eventually get back to the main menu and found the game section, so I thought I would give it a try. I was given “Puzzle number one” which was a black box divided into two sections. The “rules” told me to tap on the box to unlock a piece. I tapped and half of a picture popped into view. Then the rules said that another tap would just about do it, so I tapped the top half of the picture and the picture revealed itself. I won a free freeze for my efforts, which was actually disappointing, considering I didn’t actually do anything.

After I claimed my free freeze, a video popped up and played explaining how I could earn my puzzle pieces by connecting with my social media accounts. I doubt very seriously I will be “playing” more of anything, even if there is free food available. To me, it just seems like too many hoops to jump through.

The app gives me immediate access to the entire Taco Bell menu which included calories and the price of each item. I couldn’t find any other nutrition information, which bummed me out because I wanted to learn more than just the calorie count. But I did appreciate knowing an item’s price, as price is an important aspect of the ordering process.

Ordering through the Taco Bell app is a breeze. In fact, I personally believe ordering is the easiest thing about the app to use, which is good if that is what you are using it for! It was super easy to order by adding a credit or debit card information. In the future, I think I would make ordering even easier by adding a reloadable Taco Bell card.

Overall, the Taco Bell app is very quick to setup but much more difficult to manage. Ordering is the easiest page to use. Don’t waste your time on the “games” because they aren’t anything but a waste of time.

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