McDonald’s App Review

The McDonald’s app offers a wide range of customized coupons. It is a good resource for nutrition and ingredient information. It is also very quick to setup and easy to use.

The McDonald’s app is super easy to install and navigate through. At first I wasn’t sure if I should register an account because I wasn’t sure the extra work would be worth the hassle. But it really isn’t a hassle at all, and it is worth the few seconds it takes to sign up because McDonald’s offers special personalized offers to registered users. I registered with my Facebook account, which is a cinch to set up. That is a super convenient way to register. (I was worried about giving away access to my Facebook account, but the app said I could register without allowing McDonald’s to post to my Facebook account, which is something I really appreciate).

Once I registered, I was immediately given offers tailored to my personal McDonald’s. My coupons and freebies included $1 off any large McCafe beverage, $3 off any purchase of $15 or more, free medium fries with purchase of a ten piece chicken nugget, and buy one get one free breakfast sandwich.

The app also gives me immediate access to the entire McDonald’s menu including nutrition and an ingredient list. Nutrition is important to me because I like to check the sodium content of foods that I eat. Sometimes I compare one item to the next before I make my final choice. That way I know that I have made the smartest and healthiest decision for myself, especially since I am watching my sodium.

Having this information at my fingertips makes my decision making process a breeze and helps me make the lowest sodium option available to me. If I wanted to watch my fat intake or even my carbohydrates, this information would also be incredibly helpful.

I also appreciate the ingredients list, which listed potential allergens in bright red letters. My niece has a severe gluten and milk allergy, so this information is very helpful to help us determine what she can or can’t eat. We don’t often eat out with her, but it is nice to know that I can double check to see if there is something I can pick up for her on an impromptu McDonald’s run. She often feels left out when we eat out, so being able to pick her up something would be a real treat. And I know that I am keeping her safe, so when her parents ask what is or is not in her food, I can show them the McDonald’s app and put their fears to rest, too.

The one thing I wish the food section had was prices. I make a lot of my decisions based on price and like to compare choices based not only on calories and sodium count, but also price. If two similar items are close in sodium but one is one dollar more expensive, I am more likely to purchase the cheaper item based solely on price. So having this information ahead of time is really important to me.

Sometimes items that are on the dollar menu at one McDonald’s is actually $1.19 at the next restaurant. Some stores offer two items for $5 or even two items for $2, and it is nice to know which of these items is which. I suppose every McDonald’s is priced slightly different because they are in different areas or owned by different franchise owners. Still, the app shows “My” McDonald’s (which is tailored to my specific location) so it would be nice if that location could include the menu prices for my McDonald’s as well.

Overall, the app was very quick to setup and easy to use. I imagine I would use it mostly for the coupons, but could occasionally see myself looking up nutrition or ingredient information.

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