Subway App Review

The Subway app is designed as a simpler way to order and pay for food. Instead of waiting in long lines (which can be a problem, especially at high peak times in stores with a lot of traffic) the app offers a solution to help with the wait time.

I already have a Subway rewards card, which is one of the options of registering for an account, so that was very simple and easy for me (luckily I remembered my log in credentials). However, the next time I tried to log in the app asked me for a four digit passcode. I had the option to say that I “forgot passcode” (which isn’t entirely true because I never received a passcode). Or I could change user. I tried to change the user, but the app said that you can only use your phone to log in to one account at a time. So I didn’t really want to change the user on my phone.

Instead of resetting my passcode, I tried the four digit pins that my husband and I use frequently on a number of our cards. I don’t ever remember setting up a pin for this card (and certainly not since I downloaded this app), but the second pin number I tried logged in right in. (So it was not a random passcode like I originally expected, but a number that I set up myself at some point over the life of the gift card).

Once I used my credentials to log in, I had three straightforward options: find, order, and pay. I checked out the “find” page even though I know where my local Subways are. I was pleased to find the times that each location is open until, which is valuable information as they are often open until different times (and I can never remember which store is open late). After I checked out the times of my local store, I went straight to the order page.

Unfortunately, when it came to nutrition, the order page only gave me the items’ calories and not any of the other information. In order to get that information, I had to go back to the home page, click in the top left hand corner and choose the Nutrition facts page, which had all of the items’ nutrition information in one giant massive page that was difficult to read, especially on a small phone screen. This was very inconvenient and difficult to find. By the time I found this information I was frustrated and tired.

However, the app did give me the price of the item I was ordering, which was a plus. When I tried to add cheese to my sandwich I was only given two options: white American and shredded Monterey cheddar, which differs from the three usually offered within the store (American, Provolone, or Pepper Jack).

Everything else seemed the same and the app said my order would be ready in approximately 15 minutes after checkout. But when I tried to pay, I was only given the option of using the Subway gift cards that I had previously registered (both of which had a low balance). The FAQ page said that I could add credit cards to the app, but I never was able to figure out how. Maybe if I had registered a new account I could have added credit card information then, but I was never able to figure out how to pay for the order that I created.

This app seemed more interested in ordering and paying then brand awareness. Unfortunately, I found it a little challenging to use and some of the information I wanted was missing or in hard to reach places.

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