Burger King App Review

The Burger King app is simple to use and easy to navigate. It offers a plethora of nutrition information but doesn’t list an item’s price. In fact, the app doesn’t offer online ordering and has trouble locating restaurants in areas with known stores.

After registering through Facebook (which was a simple and easy process), the Burger King app required my zip code and my phone number in order to sign up. I was a little disturbed by this additional required information. Why should I have to give my zip code and phone number when I was already logged in through Facebook? I wanted to refuse (if for no other reason than on principal), but adding the information was not optional and the app would not allow me to proceed without the information. I finally submitted.

Once I supplied the information, I immediately had access to a number of decent coupons. All of them were to use in the restaurant and ranged from $3 to $8.99. They included: chicken fries and large classic fries for $3, double cheeseburger meal for $3, 10 piece chicken nuggets and large classic fries for $3, 2 whopper Jr. and two small classic fries for $3.99, 2 bacon cheeseburgers, 1 small classic fries, and 1 small fountain drink for $4, 2 croissan’wich, small hash browns and a small coffee for $4, 2 grilled dogs and 2 small classic fries for $5, 2 original chicken sandwich and 2 small classic fries for $5.99, and a whopper meal for two for $8.99.

Additional coupons also included some buy one get one free options including: a free extra-long fish sandwich with the purchase of one extra-long fish sandwich, a free croissan’wich with the purchase of a croissan’wich, and a free whopper with the purchase of a whopper.

The description of each item on the menu contained a short description that described what the food was and then listed the calories, carbohydrates, cholesterol, fat, fiber, protein, saturated fat, sodium, sugar, trans fat, and weight of each item. This is considerably more information than many other apps make available and information I greatly appreciated. I was very happy to see this information all in one location, and pleased that Burger King was able to make that information available to its patrons.

The app was easy to maneuver around and I was easily able to move from screen to screen. I was pretty impressed with this app until I discovered a pretty important detail. Although this app is full of important information, there is no online ordering option through this app. The app is more about informing customers about their restaurant options, without actually allowing them to purchase any food.

This is a big deal for me. I feel like an app is basically a website if there isn’t an option to order food. I suppose you don’t always have a huge line at the nearest Burger King, but still having an option to have your order waiting for you is a convenience that other stores are offering. Burger King needs to think about offering online ordering in order to stay in competition with the other fast food restaurants, especially the burger joints.

Also, I wasn’t sure about the validity of the information on the app. When looking at prices and menus and products through an app you have to have complete faith in the company and believe that the information they are giving you is correct. Because it would be very frustrating to be quoted a price only to go to the restaurant and be quoted a higher price.

When I tried to use the app’s locator to find my nearest store, the app told me there were no restaurants found in my local area. I tried several times to find my local stores, but every time was told there were none, even though there are two Burger Kings very close to me that I have frequented. I found this quite disturbing and it really made me question the validity of the other information I received from this app.

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