Popeyes App Review

At first I wasn’t sure that I had found the correct app because there was no logo on the app when I downloaded it. I was worried, too, because other users have only rated this app 2.8 out of 5. But I wanted to keep an open mind.

When I opened the app, I was immediately taken to a screen that said “please activate your account from the setup tab” which apparently is the home page. I clicked at the top left hand corner button to pull down a menu that included numerous choices: Home, send gift card, punchcard/points, fund card, offers, menu/products, about page, send message, and table reservation (really? You can reserve a table at a fast food restaurant? Interesting!)

But there was no setup tab. When I tried to click on the other options, nothing happened. At first I thought that the app had frozen, so I closed it and reopened it. Still nothing. The app would highlight my choice (send gift card) but nothing would happen. Then, as I was typing this up, my app flashed and took me to the send gift card screen. It wasn’t frozen; it was just taking forever to load!

I finally got the menu to load, but there were only two options: sandwiches and seafood. Under sandwiches, there were three sandwiches listed. The chicken po’boy, the seafood po’boy, and the loaded chicken wrap. Seafood had a few more options. The ¼ lb. popcorn shrimp, Cajun fish, fish popcorn shrimp, butterfly shrimp, and seafood po’boy (again). I can’t believe these are the only items on Popeye’s menu. (But I did appreciate that the prices were listed directly to the right of each item).

When I clicked on an item, I saw a picture of that item, the name, price, and a brief description. There was an “options” button but nothing happened when I clicked it (maybe I didn’t wait long enough?) Otherwise I could change my quantity and add it to my cart. With the unreliability of this app, I would be afraid to see how long it would take items to appear in my cart and if they would actually show up correctly in an order.

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