Popeyes Menu Prices


Family Meals

8 Pc. Family Meal chicken only $12.99
w/ 1 lg side $15.99
12 Pc. Family Meal chicken only $21.99
w/ 2 lg sides $24.99
16 Pc. Family Meal chicken only $26.99
w/ 3 lg sides $29.99


Red Beans & Rice regular $1.79
large $3.79
Green Beans regular $1.79
large $3.79
Cole Slaw regular $1.79
large $3.79
Cajun Rice regular $1.79
large $3.79
Cajun Fries regular $1.79
large $3.79
Corn on the Cob regular $1.79
large $3.79
Mashed Potatoes regular $1.79
large $3.79
Macaroni & Cheese regular $1.79
large $3.79
Biscuits 1 pc $0.69
6 pc $3.09
12 pc $5.09


Soft Drink small $1.79
medium $1.89
large $1.99
Gallon-sized Drink $4.99

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen is a fast food chain focused on fried chicken and seafood. In 1972, founder Al Copeland openend the first restaurant in the New Orleans suburb of Arabi. The name was inspired by detective Jimmy “Popeye” Doyle from the film The French Connection. Copeland started franchising the business in 1976 which led to a rapid expansion to several hundred outlets. After an unsuccessful acquisition of Church’s Chicken, Copeland Enterprises filed for bankruptcy protection in 1991. Following a restructuring, Popeyes was owned by America’s Favorite Chicken Company which went public in 2001. Today the business operates 1,800 locations in the US under the name of Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc.

The red-and-yellow themed restaurants serve a variety of fried chicken and seafood dishes. Customers can additionally choose from sides like red beans with rice, Cajun rice, and Cajun fries. Another typical menu item is the Po’ Boy sandwich, a traditional Louisiana submarine sandwich. Popeyes is the second-largest chicken restaurant group after KFC. The menu with a focus on combo and family meals and the price structure are similar to its main competitor.

Category Chicken
US locations 1,800
World-wide locations 2,000
Company website

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Last updated in July 2014. Menu prices are taken from restaurants in the Pittsburgh, PA, metropolitan area. Prices vary by region and restaurant.