Papa John’s App Review

Papa John’s is an easy to use app that makes ordering their pizza a breeze. If you have ever used their online ordering option, the app is basically their website in the palm of your hand.

The first thing Papa John’s asked is if it could send me push notifications, or offers and messages from their store. The app opened with a couple on top for a free pizza available after I ordered $15 or more. Papa John’s uses a points system to offer free pizza. Points are usually based on dollar amounts spent, so the more money you spend the more points you earn and the faster you can earn enough points for a free pizza. However, occasionally Papa John’s will run a special where you can earn enough points for an entire free pizza, just by spending a certain dollar limit. So in this case, if you order $15 or more, Papa John’s will give you enough free points to purchase a free pizza, which can be used as early as the following day.

Under the coupon I had four options: sign in or create an account, order for delivery, order for carryout, and find a store. Beneath that was an advertisement for Payshare, which allows you to share the cost of a pizza and only pay your (predetermined) share, based on the number of people eating.

I logged in to Papa John’s app using my existing credentials. I have ordered from their website before, but never used the app. I was excited to see if it compared to the website because I often want to purchase pizza when I am in town but don’t have access to my computer (and find their website difficult to use on my phone). I generally end up using my mother’s computer, but then can never remember my password or my coupon codes and it is always a big mess. So I was looking forward to seeing if the app was user friendly so I could take it with me on the go whenever I wanted to.

There is a giant spot for a promo code (which I get e-mailed to me any time our local sports teams win games or score a certain number of goals). Beneath that was the special offers tab, which offered special prices on large pizzas ($12, including specialties). There were even carryout only specials (like a large one topping pizza for $5.99). All in all, there were 24 special pricing options, from single pizzas to multiple pizzas to pop and sides and desserts.

There is an easy button to manage your Papa Rewards. I have earned 10 reward points (I need 25 to get a free pizza). You can also easily manager your account, including past orders, personal information, address, payment information, and communication preferences. For communication preferences, you can opt to have alerts and offers emailed to you or sent as a text message. Papa John’s promises that your email address will never be sold. You can even read their privacy policy on the app.

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