Jimmy John’s App Review

Ordering Jimmy John’s Sandwiches is the main objective of this app. The first information I received when I opened the app was about a special new way of ordering. After I clicked that I “got it,” I was taken to a screen that showed a giant sub with two options: delivery or pickup.

When I hit pickup, the app immediately tried to change my cell phone’s location settings. I opted to enter my zip code instead. Under the store’s information it gave the minimum delivery order ($3.50), which I thought was a very smart bit of information to include.

You can log in and tap the “save as my freaky fast order” box at checkout, which saves your order, location, and payment. That way, the next time you order, all you have to do is hit the freaky fast order button and all of your information is saved and ready to go for you. This seems like a pretty convenient way to have all of your information handy. And I love Jimmy’s John’s branding here, and the idea that it isn’t just an “order” button, but a “freaky fast order” button.

Unfortunately, the menu information is mostly geared toward creating an order. There is a description of the item and the price is included (which is an appreciated feature). But there is no nutritional information at all. Your next step is to type in your name, select your bread (which clearly charges an extra .50 cents for wheat bread), and the option to add sides or a drink. I did like the special options like take the bread out or cut the sandwich in half.

Those are predetermined choices, you can’t actually write notes but I like the thought of you being able to customize your sandwich (even if it is in a small way). There is a customize button that will allow you to add extra meat, cheese, or veggies to your sub (or remove veggies, if you hate lettuce, for example). The app is very clear on the extra prices of items you may choose to add (say bacon, for $3.50), and I appreciate the transparency that is apparent in this app.

The “about Jimmy John’s” tab is the most extensive list of information I have seen. It is almost like an entire webpage and gives a fair amount of history about the company.

Also, although there were no ingredients listed on the app’s menu, the about Jimmy John’s tab claims that bread is baked in-house every day and served fresh. Meat and veggies are sliced fresh in-house every day. Turkey is real turkey and the roast beef is real roast beef with no additives, vegetable-based fillers, or fake stuff of any kind. Nothing is delivered pre-sliced. Jimmy John’s uses real Hellman’s mayonnaise, real Grey Poupon mustard, real olive oil and real red wine vinegar.

It is probably more than people looking to order sandwiches are interested in, but still nice to know that the company takes pride in its owner, its brand, and the history of the store.

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