Little Caesars App Review

I loved the branding that was throughout the Little Caesar’s app, from the moment I opened the app and the mascot’s voice said, “Pizza! Pizza!” to the crew member description asking potential employees to have “pizza pride.”

When I launched the Little Caesar’s app, it immediately tried to change my device settings to use Wi-Fi and cell networks for location. I don’t understand an app’s obsessive need to know my location. If I choose to give that information, that is one thing, but I don’t see how that information is so valuable that it is worth alienating me as a customer.

However, the app did allow me to search for nearby stores by my zip code, which was nice. I was able to pull up a local store and see the address, phone number, and store hours for every day of the week. I also got a list of all of the available payment methods, which is helpful information to have.

The menu took a little longer to load than I expected, but I was pleased to see a list of all of the pizza’s nutrition information. For a company that prides itself on sauce never from concentrated paste, I was pleased that they were transparent with their nutrition information. They even showed the potential allergens within their pizza, and that is something I was very impressed by. It was nice to have all of that information in one screen.

I also appreciated the store feedback tab. There was a spot for complaints or compliments, which I thought was a nice addition. The feedback tab does require a name, email, phone number and zip code (which seems like a lot of information to give for feedback, but I suppose they want to make sure your feedback is legitimate). If you are willing to go through the trouble to give all of that information, they can probably assume that your compliment or complaint is genuine.

I was surprised to see “Jobs” as a tab on the Little Caesar’s app. Apparently they are advertising for crew members and gave a really interesting explanation of what is expected of crew members. I especially liked number five: I am financially responsible. I think when my teenage son turns 16 I might suggest Little Caesar’s as an option for him, and that is something I never would have imagined if I had not tried out their app.

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