Dunkin’ Donuts App Review

The Dunkin’ Donuts app is simplistic in nature but doesn’t necessarily mean that it is simple to use. The app requires certain steps and provisions in order to receive information that should be available to patrons who are using the app to seek information about their products.

Interestingly, Dunkin’ Donuts made me accept their terms and conditions before even granting me access into their app. Enrolling gives you a free beverage of any size when you log in. Apparently a new app is coming soon, so this app reminded me to enroll any unregister Dunkin’ Donuts cards so they would show up in the new app.

In fact, the app wouldn’t let me register without purchasing or adding a card onto my account. Frustratingly, there was no option to go back to the main screen so I could enter as a guest. I had to shut down the app and reopen it to have the “maybe later” login option.

The Dunkin’ Donuts is a simple app. Right now there are four options highlighted across the top as an unregistered guest: pay, perks, find, and gift. When I clicked on “pay,” more options opened across the bottom of the app, including a “more” button that gave me menu, social, app feedback, tell us about your visit, enroll/login, FAQs, About Us, getting started, nutrition information, and home.

Menu items included a description and picture. Across the top were tabs for nutrition, allergens, and ingredients. However, when I tapped the nutrition information, I was given the option of launching a browser and going to the Dunkin’ Donuts website to view the information. This was frustrating for me. If I’d wanted to go to their website, I would have started out on their website and not downloaded the app.

The other option was from the “more” menu and clicking on nutrition information, which I did next. However, even then I was asked to download the nutrition guide. I was really expecting an easy way to see the nutrition information that I think is important and wished it were easier to find this information on the app.

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