Chipotle App Review

Chipotle is a restaurant where preordering is a big convenience, so I had high hopes for this app. Being able to jump straight to the front of the line and bypass the que is a big deal for those of us hungry for our Barbacoa tacos.

The first thing the app asked was for my location. I tried to type in my zip code, but the app kept telling me that they were unable to determine my location because my location services were unavailable. Then it kicked me to my phone’s settings to change my location preferences. No thanks, Chipotle. If I wanted everyone to know where I was at, I would have turned that feature on years ago.

After struggling with the app for a few more minutes, I finally relented and turned my location on, just so I could get to the next screen of the Chipotle app. (But let me tell you, I was not too happy with the app at this time). I still don’t understand why I can’t type in an address or a zip code. What if I wanted to look for a Chipotle in the next town? What if I’m traveling and trying to find the closest Chipotle? I guarantee I will end up eating at a much more convenient restaurant.

You have to sign up for an account in order to place an order and you can’t use your Facebook or Google logins. From what I can tell, the only use for the Chipotle app is to order food. The app kept pushing me to that option, which is fine when I am ready to order, but what if I want to see what ingredients are in the food?

I was finally able to find a menu option that gave nutritional information as well. It takes a few clicks, but you can eventually find all of this information on the app. The allergen section on the app is interesting, too, because it shows which foods are vegetarian and vegan. This is helpful information for those people with that lifestyle, and something I’ve not seen before. Also, according to the app, Chipotle doesn’t use eggs, mustard, peanuts, tree nuts, sesame, shellfish, or fish in any of their foods.

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